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Suitable for: M3 (E30), 3 Series (E36), M3 (E36), 3 Series (E46), M3 & CSL (E46), Z3, Z4.

Achilles Motorsports was founded on the belief that in motorsports the highest quality manufacturing and design was necessary for success. Therefore they set out to offer components which are designed with fanatical attention to detail and manufactured by the highest industry standards and materials. They also believe that testing in the real world (I.e. Racetrack) is a critical part of development, hence all the Achilles Motorsports parts have passed strenuous testing to meet and exceed their high standards.

Valve Spring Kits (E36, E46 - M50, M52, M52TU, M54, S50, S50TUS)

Achilles Motorsports Valve Spring Kits are engineered and developed to be used specifically for BMW high performance and race engines. The have been extensively tested and shown to perform flawlessly with Schrick and BMW Motorsports Cams.

These kits include: Achilles Motorsports Dual-Spring Valve Springs, spring seats, your choice of Steel Alloy or Titanium retainers (strictly for race engines) all designed to work together harmoniously.

Solid Lifter Conversion Kits (E30, E36, E46 - S14, M50, S50, S52US, M52TU, M54)

When building a high performance or race engine we highly recommend switching to lightweight solid lifters. This will completely eliminate the heavy factory lifter shim assembly. The lightweight design greatly improves throttle response and help the engine reach high RPM. It is impossible to compare these with any other product on the market or factory supplied lifters due to the vastly superior materials, coatings and precision manufacturing that is only found at a Formula 1 level.

Oil Pump Shaft Kits (E36, E46 - M50, M52, S50, S52US, M52TU, M54)

After witnessing countless instances of the oil pump shaft shearing off or splines stripping and oil pump nuts falling off or coming loose, all of which result in instant loss of oil pressure, Achilles Motorsports decided to develop a solution using only the toughest materials and heat treatment processes to ensure optimum strength.

The core of these kits are a hardened chromoly shaft that is centerless ground to ensure absolute trueness. The shaft is engineered with an exclusive square key lock system that not only prevents the gear from ever spinning on the shaft but also adds strength to the area to which the gear mounts. The factory oil pump nut is replaced with an extended length bolt that is EDM drilled for safety wire to properly secure it for all conditions. Don't wait for your oil pump to fail and leave you stuck with costly engine repairs!

Solid Aluminium Rear Subframe Race Bushings (E36 M3, E46 M3, E85, E86 Z4M)

These solid aluminium subframe mounts replace the factory rubber bushings which twist and flex under loads allowing the rest of your rear suspension geometry to constantly change because they are also mounted to the subframe.
Switching to solid aluminum subframe mounts is great for track and race applications because it helps maintain the proper rear alignments by eliminating the movement of the subframe.

Bump Steer Correction Kit (E46 M3)

Achilles Motorsports Bump Steer kit is designed to eliminate the common steering issues associated with the low ride height of the race car suspension. This kit will eliminate the annoying and often dangerous effects of the car going over the bumps and irregularities of the track which requires constant steering correction.

Our Bump Steer Correction kit uses adjustable tie rods and Premium 3 Piece Aurora Aircraft quality rod ends. Our unique design incorporates a hardened pin with a wide tapered support bushing to disperse the stress from the pin evenly.

Oil Pan Baffles (E36, E46 - M50, M52, S50, S52US, M52TU, M54)

The factory BMW oil pan doesn't do a very good job of keeping oil accumulated around the oil pick up tube in high g-force situations. By keeping oil accumulated around the pickup tube you can eliminate the costly loss of oil pressure and potential damage to other vital engine parts commonly caused by the high g-forces, hard acceleration, braking and high speed cornering.

Our baffle design incorporates dual trap doors to prevent oil from splashing out of the sump under hard braking. This helps minimizes sloshing of the oil inside the oil pan and keeps the oil accumulated around your pickup tube.

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