* WE'RE STILL TRADING, UK VAT will NOT be charged on any orders
being delivered to outside the UK (even if shipped from EU Country) *
* Please contact us for any information/clarification *

International Customers
If you live outside the Europen Union then you are not subject to our sales tax of 20%, which is included in all our listed prices

In addition to this, we may be able to offer you further discount on shipping costs as prices on many of our imported goods also include shipping costs to the UK that may not be applicable to your order.

Please note our automatic on line ordering system is not yet set up to offer shipping rates for outside Europe so please contact us by e mail or phone to get an accurate quote on your desired product(s).

NOTE: If you are ordering from oustide the European Union of countries you are responsible for whatever local import taxes/duties your country may impose on the shipment.


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