** UK VAT is NOT charged at checkout on any orders going outside of the UK / EU. **
                           ** For any delivery to an EU country ONLY German VAT will be charged,
                                  NOTHING else to pay when the product arrives in your country **

                                  ** Please contact us for any further information / clarification **

Terms and Conditions of Sale

These conditions apply & appropriate to business to consumer AND business to business transactions.

General Conditions
1) Items authorised for return for credit and/or refund may be subject to up to 20% re-stocking fee.
2) Refunds issued on items paid with credit cards are subject to 3% administration fee.
3) Unless otherwise stated, all prices include VAT
4) While every effort is made to depict products accurately, images found on this web site do not necessarily depict the product with which they are linked and are used purely for illustrative purposes only.
5) All prices and information is correct at time of listing, but can be subject to change without notice.
6) As many of our products are imported, printed and/or website prices may be subject to change without notice due to fluctuating currency exchange rates. We will confirm prices at time of order.
7) International orders can normally only be accepted via Paypal up to £500.00 (Min 3% fee), International Money Order, or Electronic Bank Transfer (bank transfer charges to be paid by customer). Please enquire for more details.
8) Special order, custom made and/or import items must be prepaid in full and are non refundable.
9) Items normally held in stock may only be returned by prior arrangement and will normally be subject to a 10-15 % admin fee, likewise for any refunds agreed on other items in special circumstances, at our discretion.
10) Any mistakes in contents / quantity of an order will be rectified / exchanged as quickly as possible, an order will not be refunded in such case
11) Any refunds made on items purchased through Paypal after the 45 day refund limit will be subject to a 4% fee, no exceptions.
12) Credits held on behalf of customers are not refundable in any circumstances.
13) Stock, special order and/or import items must be prepaid in full and are non refundable, except where this contravenes the Consumer Protection and Distance Selling Regulations . Please also see Consumer Protection/Distance Selling section below.
14) Certain items may, by agreement only, be ordered with a deposit in place of full payment. Should you wish to cancel the order at a later date, deposits are normally non refundable.
15) We will always endeavour to deliver orders as quickly as possible; due to the specialist nature of some of our items and also our reliance at times on third party suppliers, we cannot always guarantee exact delivery times; orders can not normally be cancelled due solely to a delay on an estimated delivery time.
16) Carriage costs for the return to Crest Automotive Tuning or its agents of any goods for credit, refund or exchange for whatever reason are the responsibility of the customer, unless in exceptional circumstances by prior agreement.
17) No warranty is given nor implied on any goods if used for racing, track days or similar events.
18) We are happy to arrange installation of any product at our own or one of our agent's workshops by individual arrangement. Please note that purchase of parts from Crest Automotive Tuning Ltd does not infer or imply mandatory installation of said parts by Crest Automotive Tuning or it's agents.
19) The sale of parts and installation of parts are considered a separate contract. Crest Automotive Tuning and it's agents are at liberty to cancel either, for whatever reason prior to the installation date.
20) It is the responsibility of the customer or their own installer to ensure any engine or other parts that Crest Automotive Tuning supplies are correct for the proposed application prior to installation.
21) Any deposits or payments made towards installation are normally not refundable on cancellation of installation.

Product Sales and Performance Terms and Conditions

1) Crest Automotive Tuning cannot be held accountable for delays incurred due to third party errors, late delivery of parts and other unforeseen issues etc.
2) Courtesy cars are offered when possible, and their use may be withdrawn from the customer at any time without further explanation. The customer is liable for any and all damage caused to a courtesy car, as well as parking tickets/congestion charge etc whilst in his control, and such payments will be taken from customer credit / debit card automatically and itemized receipt provided shortly thereafter. Customer is to provide Driver’s License, Insurance Certificate please.
3) No listed items of work may usually be cancelled for any reason once this agreement is in place
4) Any indicated installation times and labour costs are best estimates, subject to possible change due to unforeseen circumstances, additionally requested or required items and true time actually expended on the works.
5) Payment for all completed works is to be made in pre - agreed stages and / or upon collection of the vehicle as agreed.. Any issues are to be discussed and resolved directly.
6) Some / all of the proposed modifications may take the vehicle beyond the scope of the vehicle manufacturer’s original design briefs and intended use, possibly with impact on other parts / systems of the car, for which the vehicle owner / keeper accepts all responsibility and liability. Any additional products / costs required or desired to complement / augment etc a particular agreed conversion are the responsibility of the customer.
7) Power gains for any modification are always estimates and subject to many factors, there is no guarantee any particular modification will give an exact particular figure.
8) All Parts supplied / work carried out by Crest Automotive Tuning remains our property until final payment of contract. Failure to make full payment or to make it within 30 days of completion of works may result in forfeiture of supplied parts to the value outstanding, including labour charges for fitting / removal and any other reasonable associated fees.
9) Crest Automotive Tuning accepts no responsibility for any damage / deleterious consequences caused by the customers own or 3rd parties fitment of unsuitable parts nor improper modification/tampering of, any items supplied and/or installed by or through Crest Automotive Tuning, likewise for any supporting factory fitted OE items that work in conjunction with items supplied/installed by Crest Automotive Tuning.

In such cases any :

a) Engine Damage
b) Poor Running
c) Performance Issues

Are entirely the responsibilty of the 3rd party installer/customer.

10) Should any items require repair/replacement under warranty or goodwill conditions, such works will be carried our as quickly and efficiently as possible. Crest Automotive Tuning or its agents are not liable for any costs associated with a vehicle being out of use during such events.
11) A charge of £50 + vat will be debited to your card without further notice if you do not attend a pre booked workshop date without at least 24hrs prior notification.
12) Once this agreement is in place the agreed quanta of work (as defined by emails, invoices/ estimates etc) is final and no products and / or item(s) may be cancelled without our agreement.
13) Crest Automotive Tuning operate a Zero Tolerance policy with regards to unreasonable, abusive or threatening behaviour, statements or demands. In such incidents the workshop reserves the right to immediately cease work on the vehicle and ask the customer to collect it after payment for any work to date is made.
14) Storage charges may be levied if the car is not collected in reasonable time following completion of works, typically 14 days.
15) No negative comments regarding Crest Automotive Tuning or the installer shall be posted on any internet forums, blogs, magazines or other form of media; breach of this agreement will result in one or more of the following : cessation of all works / retention of all parts by us until due payment up to point of cessation.
16) Prices / Product specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Mail Order & Card Transactions

1) Paypal transaction fees: from January 2018 retailers can no longer charge payment surcharges that they stipulate for certain payment methods they accept. Retailers can now however charge what it costs them to process and take the payment based on the charges made from the payment merchant / Paypal provider. Therefore as of January 2018 we are now charging 4% only on all standard Paypal payments. We thank you very much for your business and if you have any questions or queries regarding this matter please feel free to contact us. 2) Mail order items purchased on a credit card can normally only be delivered to the cardholding/billing address.
3) We reserve the right to refuse suspect credit card payments and to carry out additional security checks including address verification, bank referrals , date of birth, occupation etc.
4) All orders will normally be dispatched within 48 hours of your order if in stock, or of our receiving the goods if they are not in stock at time of order.
5) Most items will be sent by trackable courier and must be signed for. A signature to our courier will be deemed as goods received in safe condition.
6) Please note that due to high administration charges some credit card transactions may incur a 3% levy.
7) If there is obvious delivery damage do not sign for the goods ( or sign for the goods as ’undamaged’) and contact us please.

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