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Subtly Styled and tuned Staff member's E39 540



Masterpiece M3 with Japans Flavour by our partners IND in USA



Extensively NA tuned 207 mph E60 M5




Designer Modified M6



BMW CAR Magazine - Featuring Crest Automotive Tuning modified E61 545i baby carrier!




Performance BMW CAR Magazine - Crest Automotive Tuning's N/A Tuned E92 M3 AND Z4M Go Head To Head





Crest Automotive Tuning Australia's Supercharged E46 M3 ....THE QUICKEST AND MOST POWERFUL E46 M3 IN AUSTRALIA



BMW CAR - Article on Nitron Suspension



BMW Car Magazine - Yury's Supercharged E46 330 Sleeper



BMW Car Magazine - Crest Automotive Tuning's own graphic designer and IT Consultant, Dan's E46 330 Diesel is one of the most powerful and modified Diesel cars we know of.




PBMW magazine; UK's first E46 M3 with ESS CFR Supercharger system.
The quickest steet legal M3 in the UK at this time ( 4.1 secs 0 - 60, 9.4 secs 0 -100 mph )




Europe? most powerful and modified Supercharged E46 M3 at the time





Performance BMW, Tim Shaws Supercharged E46 Convertible




Performance BMW, Joel Newman's E39 5 series

Continuing article in December edition Performance BMW magazine
detailing our ongoing modifications to editor Joel Newman's E39 5 series.

Performance BMW, Carbon Fibre M3 Convertible



Pasha Singol's 5 series


Performance BMW, Crest Automotive Tuning's Stage 4 Supercharged Demo Car




BMW Car, Supercharged M3 CSL


PBMW magazine; Steve Morgans E36 M3




BMW Car, Crest Automotive Tuning Supercharged M3



BMW Car, Supercharged 330Ci




Total BMW Magazine

Performance BMW Feature


7 page feature on two Crest Automotive Tuning supercharged cars in Jersey.
Recent Supercharging Features

Crest Automotive Tuning Supercharged E46 M3, fastest in UK.

Crest Automotive Tuning supercharged E46 330.

As featured in Performance BMW magazine

Speaking of colour, white's not your obvious choice for BMWs, especially in the UK. Even so, we've dug up two British Beemers, one E46, one E36, both with considerable charms. The (Crest Automotive Tuning built) E46 features an AA supercharger (forced induction truly taking off on the BMW scene at present), while the E36 from SW Tyres has an interior and ICE system that is cleaner than clean.

Both very fresh cars, and looking resplendent in their white coats.

The UK boys also tackle the E46 with class, working on the beautiful stock style and enhancing it with the likes of scissor doors and tasteful add-ons.

Crest Automotive Tuning Featured Cars:

Steve's supercharged E36 328
Alex's Alpina B3
Lee's supercharged E46 330

As well as various press releases.
"Lord of the Rings?"
There's more than one way to update your lights, as "Total BMW" magazine demonstrates HERE.

Performance BMW Article

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