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AKG Motorsport manufactures the highest-quality bushings, mounts, shifters and performance parts available for BMW. They are experts in BMW who pioneered aftermarket performance bushings, mounts, shifters and more all the way back to the 2002 and E30. All of their race-proven parts are original designs – not the other guys!

AKG parts are unequaled in their design & manufacturing, and crafted out of the highest-quality materials available – such as 6061 & 7075 T6 aluminum and exclusive U.S. Military Spec polyurethane. In addition, they are the only aftermarket BMW parts manufacturer that molds polyurethane in the USA under strict ISO 9001:2015 certified standards – and that’s a BIG deal. AKG performance parts for BMW are available in the UK through Crest Automotive.


AKG Motorsports solid aluminum BMW bushings are the hardest available and have a longer life span than other bushings. Strictly for race purposes and made of solid CNC’d 6061- T6 aluminum.

Chassis Reinforcements

AKG Motorsports race-proven reinforcement kits are the thickest on the market and are engineered to properly reinforce failure-prone mounting points. Unlike others, these reinforcement kits strengthen the area correctly, utilizing extra-thick steel which is designed to precisely cover only the surface area that is vulnerable.
Precision CNC laser cut and bent.

Suspension Components

Supplying a variety of suspension parts from adjustable control arms to sway bar links, AKG Motorsport specialise in these areas using high quality and lightweight CNC’d aluminum with teflon lined components. Their control arm bushings are made from exclusive U.S. Military Spec polyurethane (85A hardness).

Motor and Trans Mounts

AKG Motorsports BMW Aluminum Motor and Trans Mounts work together to eliminate all engine and transmission movement for effective power transfer through the drivetrain. Designed for racing, their bolt-through solid aluminum mounts are engineered to be both strong and lightweight. Eliminate drivetrain movement with an aluminum motor and trans mount set.


The AKG Motorsport Aluminum Steering Flex Shaft Coupling eliminates the factory rubber steering shaft coupling for precise steering input and completely solid feedback. The factory rubber flex shaft coupling is fine for a street car, but it doesn’t give proper steering feedback for a race car. These kits replace the stock rubber coupling for most precise steering feedback possible. Made of solid CNC’d 6061- T6 aluminum. Engineered for a perfect fit.

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