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Building on what we learned from being the first UK company to supercharge the E46 M3 cars (including our own previous Grey smg car also featured on these gallery pages), we decided to see how far we could take things on factory internals.

After much research, development and experimentation (most of it in- house), track testing and some stress, we are pleased and surprised by the results...a very powerful, awesome handling M3 that is just as comfortable inching along in stop- start traffic as it is blasting down a race track or drag strip.

We have improved an already good kit to make it more user friendly, reliable and powerful.

As featured in several editions of Performance BMW magazine, Performance Tuner magazine, Evo magazine and even Max Power (hey they asked us ok ? :-))

Car has also been featured on Kerrang Radio a few times ! (refer to sound file on home page).

We believe that at the time (cirCrest Automotive Tuning2003) this was the most powerful street going E46 M3 in Europe...

All parts supplied and/or engineered, modified,installed and set up by Crest Automotive Tuning.


Hybrid CA/A.A. Stage 4 Supercharger system

Rotrex C38 81 trim compressor with 68 mm pulley running 9.5 psi boost

Custom 8 rib drive pulley system to prevent belt slip and larger crank pulley

600 cc injectors

Custom gas flowed inlet manifold

Deleted Mass Air Meter and Crest Automotive Tuningcustom mapped Alpha N software

Forged CP pistons

Arrow con rods and bolts

Baffled sump

Dual blow off valves for smoother operation at high revs

Rogue lightened/Balanced Flywheel

Modified viscous fan clutch

Larger oil cooler for supercharger

Water injection system runing 48/48 mix methanol/water mix with 4% nitro methane (latter shows extra 15 bhp on dynodynamics dyno)

Relocated air filter with cold air feed ducted from front spoiler through hollowed out projector foglight

Racelogic adjustable traction and launch control system, (the first UK E46 BMW ever to have this fitted, following close development of this application with Racelogic)

Eisenmann Le Manns exhaust 4x83mm tips

S.Sprint x pipe and de cat pipe

Thermally lagged manifolds

Rogue short shift kit

Heavy duty SPEC stage 3+ fast road/race clutch

Braided steel oil lines

Larger oil cooler engine

Oil diverter valve to allow ALL the engine oil to pass throught the engine (on OEM only 60% passes through)

PWR enlarged capacity water radiator

Modified thermostat (open sooner and farther, and allows more water flow through engine and rad)


Rogue Transmission Mounts

Strong Strut front brace

NITRON 24 way coilover suspension

Turner weld on sub frame reinforcement

Wiechers rear strut brace

Scroth electronic inertia reel and G- sensing 3- point race harnesses

Eibach front & rear anti-roll bars

Rogue suspension bushes

Eibach Camber Adjustment mounts front & rear

Genuine CSL wheels

Stoptech 355mm big brake kit front and rear

Hawk DTC70 race pads with Dot 5.1 fluid

Crest Automotive Tuningcustom suspension geometry settings


Full respray in Phoenix Yellow


Yellow Kevlar and Black Carbon fibre engine and ancillary covers

Crest Automotive TuningCarbon fibre rear window spoiler, engine intake duct, inner headlight trims

Crest Automotive TuningCarbon front intake scoop

Crest Automotive TuningCarbon expansion tank cap

Anodised aluminium oil filter cap

Vorsteiner carbon fibre vented bonnet, CSL style boot, front splitter and front spoiler

Projector fog lamps & LED Indicators

Custom carbon fibre DTM rear under – diffuser (fully functional)

Crest Automotive Tuningcarbon///M3 boot badge

Crest Automotive Tuning50w HID headlight kit to dipped and main beams

Umnitza Orion LED angel eye set

Custom vented front wings


Crest Automotive TuningCarbon fibre 11 piece interior panels kit, seat backs, steering wheel trims

Gaslok illuminated gear lever, displays the gear selected in LED

Genuine CSL alcantara steering wheel

ACS pedal set


PDC front and rear

Front & rear laser jammer units

Origin b2 GPS speedtrap detector

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